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This package of clinic-based appointments offers you the opportunity to explore your Parkinson's with the guidance of a Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist. This package is run over 4 sessions and will educate you on how exercise benefits Parkinson's. It will take a deeper look at how you move and how to get the best from your body, at this stage in your Parkinson's.

Each session covers a different aspect of exercise and Parkinson's.

Session one will look at why exercise is important.

Session two introduces Parkinson's specific exercises.

Session three focuses on balance.

Session four reviews the PD MOT journey and creates a bespoke programme for moving forwards.

At the end of the four sessions, you should feel that you have an in-depth understanding of your Parkinson's at this stage and what difference exercise can make.

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PD Dynamic

Tuesday 10:15am

This fun and energetic exercise class is led by a PD specialist neurological Physiotherapist. It incorporates the latest research-driven PD-specific exercise and education. The monthly theme provides a class focus helping entwin the education and practical elements. This class will empower you to Stand Up to Parkinson’s and will provide a supportive environment in which to tackle obstacles and celebrate wins.

Our PD Hydro PD Service

PD Hydro

A pool-based version of our PD Dynamic class, the PD Hydro is a great class for water lovers. Water is wonderful environment to exercise in as a buoyancy makes movement easier and less impactful on joints and balance can be safely re-educated. This class includes the latest in research-driven PD-specific exercises adapted for the water, with a monthly themed focus. Led by a Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist.

Classes are run by Bracknell PD Society. For details please contact hello@bracknellparkinsons.org.

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