Brian standing photo

Brian and his Stroke

See how Brian returned to walking following a severe stroke.

I suffered a Stroke in 2019, which meant I was unable to move my right arm and leg. After having some physiotherapy at Frimley Park Hospital and Farnham Stroke unit, I returned home and using a Molift to transfer from my bed to chair. One of our carers suggested we get in touch with Thorpes Neuro Rehab, to help me get my mobility back.

I was worried about becoming immobile or even bed bound. My wife and I hoped to one day return to our holiday home in Somerset.

Jenny came to see me at home and with the help of my granddaughter, who was training to be a physio, they helped me take my first steps. I saw Jenny regularly, she gave me exercises and helped me practice my walking. It took some time but I got back to walking with my stick and was able to get into the car so we could go to our holiday home. Without Thorpes Neuro Rehab, I have absolutely no doubt I would never have walked again.

Brian walking on the treadmill

Sadly, I had a big set back after falling and breaking my hip last October, but Thorpes Neuro Rehab were here to help again and I am now back walking short distances. I hope with the continued help from Thorpes Neuro Rehab I will get back to the level of independent walking I had before my hip surgery.

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