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Chris and Running

Chris' story working with us to reach his goals. Originally posted by Chris to his own blog at

Why I Run

I run mainly for fitness and I'm trying to improve my technique.

Before my brain injury I ran through the streets and the woods.

I used to run on a treadmill for ages, maybe up to an hour with my headphones on.

I used to run to the gym, work out, save some energy and then run home.

I was told in inpatient neurorehabilitation that I wouldn't be able to run again.

I still can't run properly, it's a work in progress, but I won't be defeated.

When I was discharged home, I started with current physiotherapists, Jenny and Hannah. I told them about my wish to run again. They were creative and committed.

I started learning to run again across the physio gym, I ran in the corridors, I ran in the car park outside the gym, I even used imagery (imagining running across a beach keeping my knees up):

Chris and Running - Running in the gym corridor

Running in the gym corridor.

Chris and Running - Running in the car park

Running in the car park.

Chris and Running - Imagining running

Imagining running along the beach at Harlyn Bay keeping my knees up.

Chris and Running - Sport Relief Mile March 2020

My rehab team knew that I love challenges and suggested that I might like to do the Sport Relief Mile to raise money for charity.

We found a disused runway with no traffic to do the mile run and set the date for March 2020.

I trained for weeks and weeks with my Physios and then it was time for the big day.

Chris and Running - Supporters

This is my army of supporters before the start of the Mile run, made up of friends, family and therapists.

Chris and Running - Starting the mile

Just starting the Mile with my two Physios by my side.

Chris and Running - Running

I would have to run for a bit and then walk for a bit.

Chris and Running - Finishing the Mile

This is me finishing the Mile. I was exhausted and was finding it tough to keep going. All my army of supporters cheered loudly and encourage me and I picked up the pace and made it across the line.

Not Sport Relief, a Bloody Relief!

I'm happy it's done.

I raised £1053.

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